The Woodlands a Perfect Place to Relocate a Business

When it comes to setting up a new business, or simply expanding an existing one, most entrepreneurs will look for an existing economy to tap into. This makes perfect sense because it’s going to be far easier for you to build a successful busy within a healthy economy than it is to even attempt starting a business in a city or state which is ailing. When it comes to Texas, and more specifically The Woodlands in Texas, you not only have a the benefit of one of the most powerful economies in the world (the Texan economy is ranked #14 internationally) but you also have the added bonus of setting up your business in one of the most desirable locations anywhere in the United States.

In addition to the booming economy and the idyllic location you also get to choose from a motivated and very well-educated local workforce, with almost 500,000 highly-employable people living with 10-miles of our city. This is more than just skilled manual workers too, with a concentration of people living in or near The Woodlands with bachelors and graduate degrees with scores far above either local or national averages. So regardless of what type of business you intend starting or relocating you’ll find that the residents of our city, and the surrounding areas, will have the qualifications you require of your future employees.

Finally there are also a large number of financial incentives for setting up a business and creating jobs within The Woodlands including job tax credits (maximum of $8,500 per employee), Freeport tax exemption, tuition waivers and also access to the Texas Enterprise Fund – which allocates over US$295 million in financial aid to projects which add to the economic development of our city.

There are simply far more reasons to locate your business in The Woodlands then there are for not doing so.

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Major Employers in The Woodlands

In as much as The Woodlands is an idyllic place to live it’s also important that you know what your employment prospects are when considering relocating to this fantastic planned community. The good news is that a large number major corporation has offices and operations in and around The Woodlands itself, meaning that the employment “market” in this part of the world is healthy to say the very least. That being said the commercial diversity of Texas has seen the state economy remain buoyant throughout the current fiscal crisis in the United States.

So who exactly are the biggest employers in this part of Texas?

Anadarko Petroleum:

With 2,400 employees Anadarko is one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world – in both exploration and production.

Hewitt Associates:

As one of the leading outsourcing and HR consultancy companies in the world Hewitt employ over 2,200 people in the area.

The Woodlands Hospital:

Having a hospital right in The Woodlands itself means you’ll never have to travel far for medical care and the fact that the hospital employs 1,800 people from the area is an added bonus. Jobs and healthcare are critical to the survival of any town or city.

Lone Star College System:

Education is an important part of any community or city and the Lone Star College System not only provides a comprehensive range of community college programs but also employs more than 1,400 people.

Baker Hughes:

This company is known all over the world for providing services for customers who are drilling for oil – from evaluation right through to production and employ excess in 700 people on an ongoing basis.

Huntsman Company LLC:

This company is heavily involved in the production of chemicals and plastics of all kinds, for use in a variety of different products sold across the globe. The Huntsman Company currently employs over 700 people from The Woodlands and surrounding areas.

There are plenty of employment opportunities awaiting you when you move to The Woodlands.

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The Woodlands a Transport Hub

Being located just 25 miles north of the city of Houston the community of The Woodlands has grown remarkably quickly in the last 40 years or so. What started out as a small community has very quickly grown to become a community on the verge of taking a vote to incorporate itself to acquire city status, although that vote is still pending. A large part of the growth of the city has been due to the many large companies operating in the area such as Chevron Phillips, Woodforest National Bank, Hewitt Associates, Maersk Line and many others of the same caliber.

Obviously with so many large corporations operating in and around The Woodlands you’ll find that there’s the infrastructure to support it including a sea port, providing direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, South America and the shipping lanes of the world. Then you have also have several large airports in the area including George Bush Intercontinental, Dan Jones International, Williams Airport and Lone Star Executive airport too.

From a personal point of view this makes travelling anywhere in the world the most straightforward of affairs for your entire family – the world is quite literally on your doorstep. Obviously from a business point of view it means you have world-class business resources available to you. Another massive benefit to any business in the area is the fact that Texas can boast of having a bi-lingual and multi-lingual population, giving any business a truly international flavor. Obviously the very high standard of education in the state of Texas is also a huge bonus because you have ongoing access to a skilled and highly educated workforce.

So if you’re considering investing in a property in The Woodlands you’ll find that it’s very easy to get here and just as easy to travel elsewhere if and when the need arises, for both business and personal reasons.

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What’s Happening in The Woodlands

When residents first think of The Woodlands, the first word to pop into their heads is entertainment. It is for this reason that the majority of the 93,000 residents of The Woodlands are rarely, if ever, bored. With countless events, venues and activities to offer, The Woodlands has something for everyone. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone who enjoys a relaxing night with some wine and good music, you’ll find all of that and more here.

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is the musical venue that hosts the Houston Summer Symphony Orchestra. If classical music isn’t really your thing, then don’t fear, this musical venue has hosted many diverse acts including; Christina Aguilera, Jason Mraz and Maroon 5. This non-profit organization and venue is also the 2nd most used amphitheatre in the world! As you can already now tell, a plethora of world class acts have performed here and still do every year. Frank Sinatra, one of the most famous acts in all of American musical history performed here back in the 90’s.

The amphitheatre is also available for rental, if you fancy yourself as the next up-and-coming performing artist. If you enjoy relaxing and being entertained, The Woodlands is also home to two movie theatres, showing all of the latest blockbusters. Coupled with the musical venue, there is always something good to watch or go see in The Woodlands.

For a more tranquil setting, you’ll want to take a visit to the waterway, which provides a wonderful setting for a romantic stroll, a family picnic or simply keeping fit. The waterway is being expanded and will eventually reach another attraction, the Woodlands Mall.

This is a large shopping centre containing two levels, both fully enclosed. A good testament to the sheer size of the mall is that it is referred to as a Regional Super Mall. This is a technologically advanced mall that allows you to search for items in the mall with your cell phone or laptop computer! This can make shopping much quicker for those who don’t want to spend the whole day walking around the mall, although you can certainly do things the old fashioned way.

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Layne Christenson Company Coming to The Woodlands

Texas state officials have agreed to provide around $1.3M for the relocation of a Kansas City-based company to The Woodlands.

The Layne Christensen Company, based in Mission Woods, Kansas, Missouri, stated on Thursday that it had decided to relocate its headquarters together with over a hundred jobs to a master-planned neighborhood situated in Houston’s northern limits early next year.  The company said that it expects to hire an additional 210 employees at its new location in the next five years, while it also outlined plans to create investment amounting to $6.7M during the relocation.

The incentive from the state, which is used to attract businesses and companies to Texas, will be paid for by the Texas Enterprise Fund.  The Office of the Governor stated that the agreement is dependent upon local incentives.

In his statement, Gov. Rick Perry reiterated how Texas continues to invigorate the nation with its gas and oil products that provide Americans with much-needed employment, helping to strengthen the country’s economy.

Layne Christensen plans to occupy about 50,000-sq.ft. of a newly-constructed office building at Hughes Landing, the 66-acre real estate development being planned on Lake Woodland’s east shore area.

The company also looked at relocating to the town’s west side district, in Greenspoint, and also the Galleria area.

Senior VP and chief admin officer Frank LaRosa, stated that the company saw The Woodlands as the perfect location for their business and what they are trying to develop.

The relocation will also include most of the company’s leadership positions, and the managers and staff personnel.  Most of Layne’s senior executives from its six divisions will ultimately relocate to the company’s new headquarters.

Layne Christensen provides services to the energy, mineral, and water industries and has around 5,000 employees scattered across the world.

In his statement, CEO and President Rene Robichaud mentioned that Houston is able to provide improved access to top energy companies in the country.  Robichaud added that such consideration is necessary for the country in building its total water management solutions for its gas and oil industry.

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Not Too Late for Buyers Incentives

Two top-selling master-planned communities in Texas, Bridgeland and The Woodlands, are holding a promo campaign for home purchases made which started on November 1 and runs through December 31 this year. These marketing enticements include a “Holiday Countdown” gift card worth $2,000 and valuable builders’ incentives. The Woodlands Development Co., a wholly owned unit of The Howard Hughes Corp., manages the two communities. Customer centers have been set up to entertain prospective home buyer inquiries.

For every home sold during the promo period, both communities will also donate $100 the Habitat for Humanity local affiliate serving their area. The Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County will be the beneficiary for Bridgeland, while the Montgomery County Habitat for Humanity will be for The Woodlands.

The co-president of The Woodlands Development Co., Tim Welbes, said that they have always been warm to the idea of helping families buy new homes during the holiday season and offer the $2,000 incentive. The company, Welbes added, also likes to give something back to hardworking, needy families through Habitat for Humanity, which is among the most respected nonprofit organizations in the U.S. This organization works in partnership with local families in constructing decent and affordable homes in order to eliminate to eliminate poverty housing.

Bridgeland is ranked number eight in Metrostudy’s list of the top U.S. master-planned communities. It also bagged the “Developer of the Year” title this fall at the Houston Best PRISM Awards of the Greater Houston Builders Association. Bridgeland home prices range from the $170s up to over $1 million.

The Woodlands, on the other hand, is the top-selling Texas master-planned community, and is the nation’s number two in the RCLCO listing. Covered by the services of well-known builders, this 28,000-acre community features new homes with prices ranging from the $200s to over $4 million.

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The Woodlands Land Inventory is Shrinking

A large portion of this master-planned community has been developed by The Woodlands Development Company (TWDC) over the years. With its diversity of dwellings ranging from simple to sophisticated, as well as a variety of commercial plus industrial developments, the developer of The Woodlands has done well at attracting homebuyers to move in.

As the demand to become a resident of this prominent society has reached high levels, developers came up with more residential developments to increase supply, as well as create more commercial projects to further stimulate consumer demand (and make more profits.)

Of course, the total land area of The Woodlands hasn’t gotten any bigger, so as the projects kept coming, its land inventory kept growing smaller. As of today, there are only 1,000 acres of undeveloped commercial space, as well as 3,300 acres of vacant residential lots left within the dwelling area.

Considering the growing scarcity, TWDC has decided to return to its original game plan, which is to develop the remaining areas on its own. “We have always been a master-planned community developer,” said Alex Sutton, TWDC’s co-president.

“We do residential and all sorts of commercial, retail, office and hospitality. In general, what we like to do is develop our land ourselves. That’s not every case but that is what we prefer. That is really the model we have moved more to as our land inventory is being reduced.”

Apparently, this development company plans to revert to its original strategy as soon as possible. Sutton says that one of their latest developments, Hughes Landing, which is a multi-use development spanning 66-acres on Lake Woodlands, will most likely be developed by TWDC independently. This’ll include the One Hughes Landing, which is a building standing eight-stories tall, and is scheduled for completion during the fourth quarter of 2013.

Despite the dwindling inventory, TWDC heads believe that the land still has excellent potential for more real estate projects to be erected. “True, there is a finite amount of land left in The Woodlands proper,” said Gil Staley of The Woodlands Area Economic Partnership.

“But there is still a significant amount of space to develop that will take us years down the road for office development. Those projects don’t happen overnight.”

Since The Woodlands stands as one of the best master-planned communities to date, nearby communities such as Shenandoah and Oak Ridge North are now becoming the target of many developers – including TWDC – today.

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The Woodlands To Create Healthy Ponds And Hygienic Lakes

An administrative division of the Woodlands has begun a new project aimed at purifying the water of the ponds and lakes in its territory. This will be done immediately to ensure a naturally clean ecosystem for the aquatic animals living in these lakes. This initiative will also help promote plant life in the community. To achieve this goal, Organic Sediment Removal Systems LLC has already won a bid from The Board of Directors with a $68,250 contract. Already, the removal work for slit has begun in a number of areas.

This was not a sudden development and the planning stage for water life cleaning and environment protection has started since the year 2010, when a contract was signed with Burditt Consultants LLC. According to John Powers, assistant general manager for The Woodlands Township and community services, this is a remarkable step towards getting an environment-friendly community through the distillation of water. The managing authority has already released $140,000 for building slits in various ponds.

Members in the managing committee have now identified the number of lakes and ponds that need purification right away. Some of these ponds, which need immediate attention, are the Mystic Lake, Deer Rush, Long Lake, Tamarac Pond, Alden Bridge Pond, Shadowpoint Pond, Spindle Tree and Kirkpatrick Pond. They all need care and proper removal of harmful components to ensure a sustainable ecosystem.

John Powers has also stated that this project will comprise of all 45 ponds and lakes of the Woodlands. For many years, the ponds were filled with mud and other unhygienic materials, and now, removing these is the best sanitary solution that is essential for helping the animals that live in these ponds and lakes. If ponds and lakes remained in such unhygienic conditions, then the lives of the fishes and other animals would have been in danger. Further delays in this project will also entail major maintenance costs. It is therefore the best time to take action towards preserving these natural water forms.

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Waste Connections to Acquire R360

Increasing gas and oil manufacturing is creating a huge stink and the cost is projected to be about 1.3 billion dollars according to a Houston-based waste corporation. Waste Connections,  based in The Woodlands and previously located in California, is going to acquire R360 Environmental Solutions for a hefty sum of 1.3 billion dollars as announced on Monday.

R360 is a company which handles the disposal of chemicals mixed in water, cuttings and waste material utilized for the process of hydraulic fracturing in order to separate gas and oil. It’s a top company in the oil industry, as claimed by the corporation’s CEO, Troy Thacker.

He also emphasized the need for quality waste management in companies owing to the large oil production needed to dispose the waste in the right manner. This is clearly evident as the value of the deal to acquire R360 is seven times higher than the gains before taxes and depreciation.

Waste Connections, which is the third largest company in the area of waste management, focuses mainly on rural and suburban areas. Only a meager two percentage is devoted to waste generated from gas and oil manufacturing, said CEO and Chairman Ronald J. Mittelstaedt.

He explained the reason behind the takeover being a chance to increase the oil and gas opportunities by a quarter of the corporation and termed it as a foray into the field of waste management as a top leader. Mittelstaedt also suggested that the operational gains of R360 would extend until shale drilling operations are a possibility.

The workforce of R360 is a solid 433 personnel that controls twenty six operations across the entire country, especially the facilities in Texas and Eagle Ford. Other facilities are seen at  various locations such as North Dakota, New Mexico, Wyoming, Louisiana and Oklahoma, which are expected to rake around 300 million dollars in the current year according to Waste Connections.

The fourth quarter will see the completion of the deal as R360 is all set to be known as a Waste Connections subsidiary.

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Clariant Oil Breaks Ground in The Woodlands

On September 6, specialty chemicals giant Clariant Oil and Mining Services officially began breaking ground for its global headquarters to be situated in Black Forest Technology Park at The Woodlands. The site will house two almost 3,000 sq. m. buildings that will be home to at least 100 offices. The first building will become the office of the global management team which includes the marketing, finance, and procurement departments. On the other hand, the second building will house the training & development, as well as their technology research center.

In the fall of 2013, Clariant will be relocating the first 50 employees. The company is planning to expand its workforce, 80% of which will be composed of local and regional talent. According to Chris Oversby, Vice President and General Manager, “The Woodlands was selected as the location for the headquarters for so many reasons, one of which is the astonishing amount of talent that you can find here. And in the future, we are also looking into building a manufacturing facility in the Clear Lake area.”

Clairant was formed from a 1995 chemical company, Sandoz. As one of the business units of Sandoz, Clairant provides products and services catered to the oil, mining, and refinery industry. Among its major products are cementing additives, drilling muds, and stimulation fluids. Corrosion management, antifoams, bacterial control, and demulsifiers are among their other products. Its mining branch specializes in ore and coal processing. As Chris Oversby adds, “Our prospects are very high for this segment as the mining industry is seen to grow over the next few years.”

According to Clairant’s North American head Ken Golder, “Our company culture has its grounds on shared appreciation – for providing solutions, improving customers’ processes, a professional environment that will cultivate employees.”

More than just a groundbreaking ceremony, Clairant has complemented the event by creating a new logo, having new colors, and rejuvenating their brands across the entire global organization. The management strongly believes in diversity and people development – apart from the U.S. And Switzerland, their global team also comes from 44 different countries. And it’s good news to the people of The Woodlands as the relocation is set to provide top-notch jobs that will benefit lots of families within the area.

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