How Big Is The Woodlands

When I’m showing folks around The Woodlands for the first time, the most common feedback that I get is “It’s much bigger than I imagined”.  I think the term master planned community causes most people to think in terms of a large planned neighborhood, which is far from the reality of it.  Under the responsible stewardship of The Woodlands Development company, this community has been steadily growing for almost 40 years now and has really developed its own identity.

The Woodlands Township encompasses approximately 28,000 acres, or 44 square miles.  To put this into perspective, The Woodlands is larger than New Mexico’s state capital, Santa Fe.  George Mitchell, the original developer, had the vision of creating smaller villages within The Woodlands in order to keep a small town feel.  Now totaling 7 villages within the Township, the population just exceeded 100,000 residents in 2011.  Residents have the best of both worlds, the small community feel of the villages and all the benefits of a thriving urban city via The Woodlands Town Center.

The Woodlands Town Center serves as a downtown business district for the entire region.  The Town Center includes a 1.3 million square foot regional shopping mall, 2 hospitals, class A office space, luxury apartments and condos, and 4 star hotels.  Market Street is a 34 acre open air shopping center with many upscale stores, complimenting the regional shopping mall.  The developers built a unique navigable waterway system that connects all of the office space, restaurants, and retail space together.  The Woodlands has become quite the tourist attraction.

The Woodlands is home to over 1,700 companies, with over 50,000 employees within the Town Ship.  Spread throughout the community, there is 9.3 million square feet of retail/hospitality/general commercial space, 7.9 million square feet of office space, 3.3 million square feet of industrial/technical space, and 6.6 million square feet of institutional space.  ExxonMobil is currently building a large campus in very close proximity to The Woodlands Town Ship, projected to house almost 10,000 employees.  This is expected to have a major impact on the local economy.

The Woodlands real estate market is very diverse featuring homes in all prices ranges.  If you are thinking about relocating to The Woodlands soon, contact Jarrod Frenzel @ 281-658-7389.

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