The Woodlands In Bloom

March is here and the flowers and trees are starting to bloom.  This is always a beautiful time of the year around The Woodlands as we will have picturesque scenery to look at over the next few months.  Time to get the cameras ready and enjoy the nice weather ahead.

Shadowbend Park

The Woodlands has a hand in planting most of the wild flowers that will be blooming soon.  Every year the community plants blue bonnets and other wild flowers along major roads throughout the development.  I’m not sure if they qualify as wild flowers since we are throwing the seeds out but they look spectacular and I guess that’s all that matters.

The roadsides and medians throughout the development are meticulously maintained all year round.  The Woodlands Texas also features many outdoor sculptures along the road sides that help bring a sense of culture to the community.  The Woodlands does a great job managing all of this and truly makes for a beautiful place to live.

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